Goals with Soul 2017

Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com

When I first read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I knew it would change the way I lived my life. “You’re not chasing a goal. You’re chasing a feeling.” When I read that, something shifted for me. Goals with soul. Totally transformational.

Danielle took that book and turned it into workshop, a retreat, and has even created a special program for the new year. 

You don't need another resolution, you need a revolution. Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com

There’s a much better way to create the year you want. No baggage, less striving. More freedom. Instead of relentlessly pushing yourself to achieve goals, you do work that feels clean and nourishing from a Soul level. And you can do it in a supportive community while cheering each other on.  

Are you ready to put your soul on the calendar?

Team Aila Love will be gathering next week in person and virtually to support each other in discovering our desires and creating our goals with soul, and we invite you to join us. Registration closes January 1st. 

The moment you signup, you'll receive:
+ Goals with Soul 2017 Audios
+ Goals with Soul 2017 Interactive + Printable Workbook
+ 12 Months of Goals with Soul Monthly Check-ins for 2017

Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com
Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com
Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com
Core Desired Feelings - Goals with Soul 2017 with Aila love - www.ailalove.com

This is a complete program that will introduce you to Desire Mapping — what it is, how it came to be, what it can do. Using this technique for discovering how you want to step into your New Year is a way of radically simplifying what has been made too complicated. It’s about reclaiming your joy and your own power when it comes to designing the year ahead.

This program is grounded in gratitude, and gratitude is powerful. So is knowing what isn’t working. You’ll start to see — and to feel — how different and life-giving this approach is going to be compared to traditional ways of doing resolutions.

The best part is that this program is delivered digitally. You will receive the audios and your printable workbook instantly, and your Goals with Soul Monthly Check-in Workbooks will be delivered straight to your inbox the 4th Monday of every month of 2017 so you can reflect on the current month and plan the month ahead.

Purchase your Goals With Soul 2017 Workbook for only $25

or even better,

Purchase as a bundle for you and a friend for only $35.

What an amazing gift that would be!
And I can't think of a better way to stay accountable to your soul's goals than with your bestie cheering you on.

I am soul excited for all that you will dream, create, and do in 2017!!

I will leave you with Danielle's poem entitled Decide to Rise...

Decide to Rise - www.ailalove.com

Only the best,


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