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maile maii:

I created the community
I wanted to be a part of.

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I am a wife and a mama of 3 young daughters ages 2, 5, and 7.

I first turned to essential oils in 2012 when our eldest daughter was born. She caught a cold and I was looking for natural ways to soothe her and make her more comfortable. Up until then, we had cared for ourselves with natural remedies, but when it came to a brand new baby… well, we had no idea where to begin to look or what would work safely.

A dear friend had gifted me a started kit of oils for my baby shower, but I never really opened them up. Can you even believe that?!? I was surprised when she told me I already had what I needed to care for our baby. She walked me through using Breathe, OnGuard, Eucalyptus, and Melaleuca… and I was surprised at how quickly and effectively they worked.

As brand new parents, my husband, Kaliko, and I began to research the dangerous effects of synthetic fragrances and chemicals found in everyday products really scared us since our new baby put everything into her mouth. We needed products that were SAFE. We decided we were ready to upgrade and green-up all areas of our life & home.

We quickly discovered that essential oils were so versatile that they could address so many of our needs. And they were SAFE. Once we learned how to use them properly, we got to decide exactly what went on or in our bodies. No more trying to decifer labels!

We began to replace everything in our medicine cupboard and cleaning cabinet with natural products from doTERRA. It just made sense. We were already in love with the quality and efficacy of the oils, as well as the incredible value we received as Loyalty Rewards members.

Since then, Kaliko and I have committed to continually experiment with ways to improve or all aspects of our health naturally. This includes water filter, air filters, high-quality supplements to increase our energy, awareness around the Dirty Dozen, non-toxic cleaning products, non-toxic skin, body, and hair care products for all members of our family, diffusers in every room, blue light filters for screens, and more… The way these choices have affected our lives is immeasureable.

This awareness has become our LIFESTYLE. And I get so excited to share with others how their simple choices can impact their lives for good and help them create a life they love.

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The empowerment I felt by having tools to take care of my family’s health was freeing. I naturally began to share these oils and built a community around this lifestyle. It has been the greatest gift to be able to help other moms have that feeling as well.

As I shared my love for these oils, I began using #ailalove on all my posts.When it came time to “name” our community, the natural choice was Aila Love. Aila means “oil” in Hawaiian and we have so much love for these incredibly powerful plant extracts.

Our Aila Love Community is made up of over 3,000 families in over 8 countries around the world. Families who are choosing safer options for their children and their homes. They are making informed decisions and taking a proactive role in their health care.

This community has become the most beautiful support group where we can all come to connect, learn, and grow together.

Membership in our Aila Love Wellness Community gets you access to monthly members only giveaways, 24/7 private support group, and ongoing education .

If you already a member, I invite you to join our online community here

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Co-Impact Sourcing Trip to Bulgaria  July 2018

Co-Impact Sourcing Trip to Bulgaria
July 2018

Aila Love Team - Convention Gala September 2018

Aila Love Team - Convention Gala
September 2018

Never in a million years did I dream I would be a Network Marketing professional.

After 2 years of living our lives loving doTERRA’s wellness products & essential oils, my husband suggested I take a look into the business side of doTERRA. He told me I was sort of already doing it because I was naturally sharing products I loved with friends and family. Why not start my own business. He’s pretty smart, huh? The potential we saw in the doTERRA Opportunity was staggering. It allowed us to DREAM of creating our life on our terms.

In September 2014, I attended doTERRA’s annual Global Convention in Salt Lake City so I could learn about the heart of the company. Their commitment to supporting people, communities, cultures through the Healing Hands Foundation, where 100% of donations go to aid moved me. If you are familiar with 501c3 orgs, this is almost never the case. I also learned about their commitment to sourcing in a way that is beyond sustainable: Co-Impact Sourcing is a biz model that is disrupting industries right now, and is completely ahead of its time.

I saw the opportunity for me to align myself (and my family) as representatives of a company with the highest integrity and moral stands. It was a no-brainer for me. It was then and there that I decided that I would not just share doTERRA casually as a hobby, but actually commit to creating an actual business and leading others down the same path.

My background is in working with non-profit organizations, so finding a company with a foundation in SERVICE appealed to me. Even more exciting was the Network Marketing model the business is built on. It is one of the only business models where anyone can afford to start a business, and that your success is entirely up to your work ethic. I knew that if success came through helping others, that I could do this.

We have grown our Leadership Team organically here in Hawaii. As we have risen up through the ranks in doTERRA, it is required that we raise up other leaders as well. We are raising up business savvy, successful entrepreneurs, which is so exciting for me because I am passionate about helping Hawaiian women succeed. We are the ones raising the future of our Hawaii, and stronger women leaders means a stronger future.

We achieved the rank of Diamond in doTERRA back in December 2016, and were featured in an article shortly thereafter. Read our Feature in the doTERRA Leadership Magazine.

Since then, we have continued to grown our beautiful team full of leaders and achieved the rank of Blue Diamond in February 2018. Running with us are: 2 Diamonds, 1 Platinum, 5 Golds, 12 Silvers, and 26 Premiers.

You may not be familiar with these ranks, so simply put, they are milestones along the journey to building a business that will pay you a residual income whether your kids have to stay home from school sick, or not. It’s about security and about being able to have choices about how we want to spend our time and money.

I am passionate about helping other women create financial freedom for themselves so they can go out and serve the world with their highest gifts, rather than woking just to make a living.

If you are interested in joining our team and building a business with doTERRA, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit to support each other.

Click here to connect with me.

Click here to view the doTERRA Opportunity & Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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