4 years ago, I was a brand new mom with a congested infant. I wanted desperately to do something to support her respiratory system, but I was terrified of the many side effects that come with pharmaceuticals.

I was that mom reading every natural baby book and blog I could get my hands on. I was so unsure of myself, all I knew is that I wanted to provide the best possible life for this perfect little being.  

i wanted safer, more effective ways
to care for my family


With a little glimmer of hope (and some guidance from a good friend) I tried essential oils… and they worked!


I decided I needed to learn more about these magical (yes, I said MAGICAL!) oils, so I got ahold of an essential oil resource book and we began experimenting with remedies. We used them for teething, common colds, skin issues, fevers, pretty much anything that we would've run out to the drugstore for. We quickly stopped going to the drugstore altogether! We found that we could easily take care of ourselves with these new tools, without even having to leave our home. They even helped me manage stress and to sleep better!

Once we learned the basic principles of how to use these oils safely, they quickly became our first resort for everything. Having safe, reliable, natural solutions at our fingertips changed everything for me.  

I believe that it is important for us to reduce our toxic exposure whenever possible. 
I believe that our emotional health is just as important as our physical health.
I believe it is my responsibility to take an active role in my family's health & wellness.

These oils represent ease.

By living a life fully supported by the power of plants, we can achieve true wellness which includes both the PHYSICAL + EMOTIONAL well being. 

The best part is that you're not alone. When you join Aila Love, you are joining an active community of health minded mamas who help each other out. Nothing beats being able to crowdsource some good old fashioned advice. This mom-ing job is no joke, and having a team by my side sure helps!

I wanted more ease in my life.
More confidence and less doubt.

So what are essential oils?

Plants have been used effectively for therapeutic benefits throughout history. Essential Oils are organic compounds found in plant materials (such as leaves, bark, sap, fruit, and flowers) that have been extracted + distilled for their natural health benefits. 

Essential Oils have a vast range of health benefits and are especially effective because they work with the body to ADDRESS ISSUES + ROOT CAUSES on a cellular level rather than simply treating symptoms. There are 3 very simple ways that we use them:

Simply open the cap and breathe in or use a diffuser to open airways, boost mood, and freshen the air.

Apply to the bottoms of feet or affected areas to target specific needs.

Drop in water, under tongue, or into a gel capsule to support mouth, throat, digestive, and overall health.